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Custom Challenge Coins Taken to Another Level

Traditionally, custom challenge coins are round pieces resembling the shape and feel of currency. However, as the popularity of coins has grown, so has the desire of customers and collectors to have coins that stand out from the rest. We have been working to produce challenge coins that are as unique as the ideas presented to us on a daily basis. Challenge coins with custom shapes, plating features, images and functionality describe the options available that depart from the traditional round coin. A very popular custom feature is producing a challenge coin that can be used as a bottle opener. This can be achieved by cutting out an area into a round coin or incorporating a bottle opener into the contours of a custom shaped coin. Photographs do not always have an accurate translation when made as a part of the mold of a coin, no worries; we can take any photograph and print it directly onto your challenge coin design so no details are lost. Custom shapes are becoming the most popular custom feature. Want to commemorate a specific tool, weapon, aircraft or vehicle? It can be done by creating your coin in the shape of any object you would like. Examples of custom challenge coin shapes we have created are daggers, wrenches, hammers, vehicles and many more. Please contact us today with your challenge coin idea. No matter how far fetched you may think the idea is, our staff of talented artist can make your idea come to life as a very unique and interesting challenge coin.

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