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Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins can be used at tradeshows, meetings, seminars and conventions, fundraising events, games and tournaments, award ceremonies, and more. Lapel pins speak directly to the hearts of the individuals who are given one.

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Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been used as a valuable recognition tool dating back to the First World War. Military units began using challenge coins as a discreet way of claiming membership to a specific unit.

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Custom Patches

Custom patches offer a high quality and lower cost alternative to direct embroidery. Military units, law enforcement, fire departments, security personnel, sports teams, clubs and businesses take great pride in how they and their identity are displayed.

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Custom Lanyards

Our lanyards are made with high quality, durable materials. Single or multiple color imprinting is silk-screened on top of the lanyard with respect to your custom lanyard design. We can reproduce photo quality images on your lanyards using dye sublimation.

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Custom Medals

A custom medal will serve as a cherished reminder to all of those persons that have been a part of your event. Awarding a custom medal at your event will show your participants that you take great pride in how your event is organized and remembered.

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Custom Keychains

Our wide variety of Promotional Key Chains are completely customizable to display your logo, message, hobby or other interest.

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